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During the Volvo Ocean Race Finish, June 28 and 29, the congres: ‘Ocean Summit The Hague – Future of the Oceans’ will be held at the Zuiderstrandtheater. This exclusive, international event is about innovative methods to maintain and sunstainably use our oceans. Scientists, government, NGO’s, private sector but also sailors, adventurers, start-ups and young professionals will be present. Together arranging a dream-scenario for a healthy environment in our waters.


Various special gasts will come to the stage.  During the nine break-out sessions information will receive specific information about, a.o., zero-emission shipping, restoring nature, plastic soup, nature based solutions and sharing platforms. The two-day congres gives the stage to a.o.: Captain Charles Moore, his life goal is reducing plastics in the sea, after realising in 1999 that there is more plastic than plancton in the oceans. Astonaut and ambassader of the earth  André Kuipers gives his vision on our blue planet. Wendy Schmidt, president of the Schmidt Family Foundation, the Dutch minister of Infrastructure and Water  Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and Karmenu Vella, the European commissioner of Environment, Fishery and Martime jointly express their efforts. Click here for the full program.

Break out session with WaterWindow

WaterWindow participates in the Break Out Session about sharing knowledge and solutions.

Share your experience and join us in the epic centre of sailing the end of june.