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Water nuisance and water shortage

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Rainwater flooding

Flooding due to heavy rainfall or high surface water levels.

Climate change causes higher temperatures, increasing showers and dryer summers. Water nuisance and heat stress increase due to more paved areas. Moreover, there is a larger impact of droughts due to presipitation that can not infiltrate, leading to lower ground water levels and/or salinization.


Urban Rainshell

The Urban Rainshell is an underground rainwater buffer and purification system based on natural, renewable and circulair materials; shells and minerals. Peak presipitation is buffered and running water is cleaned by the system to be safely infiltrated.


  • Against water nuisance, heat stress and droughts.
  • Easy, robust and low in maintenance.
  • Underground solution, no loss of space.
  • Can be applied unde parks, squares, parking areas and roads.
  • Use of natural, renewable and circulair materials.
  • Materials bind CO2.
  • Purifies water to national infiltration standards for safe infiltration in groundwater protection and water extraction areas.


The Waterstreet is a test area for solutions to make urban areas climate proof.

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  1. Topic Urban water
  2. Development state 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment.
  3. Setting type Natural area, Urban area
  4. Water type Rainwater, Groundwater