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Water awareness among young people

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Water awareness

People are not sufficiently aware of the influence of water on their environment and how they can contribute to water management.

Young people often do not know what a water authority is and what kind of work it is doing.


Water Experience Game

The Water Experience Game is a game in which the work of a water authority is brought to life for young people in an interactive way. The game is developed for a theme of a water authority; clean water. By doing this, the work of a water authority becomes more clear and insightful for young people.


  • The game can be used to enlarge the youth awareness in the run-up to the water board elections.
  • The game is in line with the future "experiencing" way of education.
  • Different ages and levels have been taken into account during the development of the game.


  1. Topic Water chain
  2. Development state 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  3. Water type Rainwater, Waste water, Effluent, Surface water

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award