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Water awareness

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Water awareness

People are not sufficiently aware of the influence of water on their environment and how they can contribute to water management.

Especially among young people, there is a lack of awareness of water safety. Knowledge about water safety is essential due to the fact that most of the Netherlands lies below sea level.


Battle of the Beach

The Dutch water sector wants to improve water awareness among the Dutch citizens in a appealing and educational way. By means of a contest and an interactive lesson, children can experience the power of water. The contest revolves around building the strongest sand castle, that endures the upcoming tide the longest. This way, children will quickly understand the core problem: the Netherlands are and will always be vulnerable for water, constantly requiring our attention.


  • Low cost.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • As the main requirement is a stretch of beach, it can easily be implemented on a larger scale.


  1. Topic Water safety
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Water type Sea water
  4. Project period 0-3 months

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award