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Unutilized environmental benefits

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The potential of the area is not fully utilized

The area is not optimally managed, used or spatially arranged.

The Marke Mallen area is socially not fully utilized because the management, maintenance and spatial planning is sufficiently in line with the wishes of local residents. Providing in these wishes goes beyond the duties of the Water Authority.


Leasing from a regional water authority

The Water Authority transfer the control over the management and maintenance of the area to a foundation. The foundation consists of residents and stakeholders that wish to deploy to the area. The area has no water management role, the foundation may arrange and manage the area, in a natural way, to their preferences. 

Marke Mallem Doedag


  • The foundation allows the area to be managed at small scale.
  • Stakeholders can ensure that the area's spatial planning meets their needs and requirements.


  1. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  2. Setting type Natural area
  3. Water type Surface water