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Unused useful matter sewage treatment plant

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Unused useful matter sewage treatment plant

Sewagewater contains many nutrients that are not or not optimally used.

Waste water consists a lot of cellulose (mostly in form of toilet paper), a valuable raw material with many application. Cellulose is not recovered from waste water as a raw material at this moment.


Cellulose Assisted Dewatering of Sludge (CADoS)

CADoS is process to recover cellulose from waste water to use it in the de-watering of fermentation sludge. This method of waste water treatment reduces the use of chemicals and energy. Besides this, sludge is discharged with a higher dry matter percentage and therefor less sludge transportation is needed.


  • The sieved matter from the de-watered sludge can be converted into bio-gas. But, recycling for the production of bio-plastics is also possible.
  • Sludge processing becomes much simpler by using CADoS and certain process parts are unnecessary. Because of this, future sewage plant require less space.


  1. Topic Water chain
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Setting type Rural area
  4. Water type Waste water
  5. Project period 4-7 years