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Unused potential energy sewage treatment plant

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Unused useful matter sewage treatment plant

Sewagewater contains many nutrients that are not or not optimally used.

Conventional sewage treatment does not use the potential energy in the sewage. Wastewater has 7 to 8 times as much potential energy as the energy it costs to purify the water.




By fermenting the sludge from the wastewater to bio-gas, enough electricity can be generated to make the sewage treatment plant energy-neutral or energy-generating. Next to this, phosphate from the wastewater is being converted to fertilizer.


  • The sewage treatment plant becomes energy-neutral or energy-generating.
  • The potential energy is being used.


  1. Topic Water and energy
  2. Development state 9: Successfully used in operational situation
  3. Setting type Rural area
  4. Water type Waste water
  5. Project period 1-3 years