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Uniform enforcement required

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Complex enforcement of law and regulations

The enforcement law and regulations of water and environment is complex and demanding.

Enforcement officials can interpret violations differently, which negatively influences the living environment and sense of justice. With violations on and around the water it is desirable that all violations are assessed and addressed in te same manner.


Enforcement Adviser web application

Enforcement Adviser web application is an online application that helps enforcement officers to arrive at the most appropriate criminal or administrative proceeding. This allows the Dutch National Enforcement Strategy to be performed unambiguously.

Webapplicatie handhavingsadviseur


  • Can be used on location, with tablet or smartphone.
  • More uniform enforcement, with the possibility for motivated deviatons.
  • The outcome can easily be incorporated into digital files.


  1. Topic Water and IT
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Water type Surface water