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Swimmer's itch

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Insufficient water quality

The quality of the water is insufficient.

The presence of pond snails and waterfowl in swimming lakes lead to a risk of swimmer's itch in the period May-September caused by the parasite Trichobilharzia ocellata s.l. This parasite causes itchy inflammation reactions to swimmers who may be accompanied by headaches and fever.


Removal of pond snails

The timely removal of pool snails in swimming pools ensures that the amount of parasites that cause the swimmer's itch is reduced. As a result, the risk of swimmer's itch for recreational users decreases

Picture of the swimming pool the Hoornse Plas


  • Reducing the chance of swimmer's itch.
  • Swimming lakes can remain open for swimmers during the summer.


  1. Topic Water quality
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Setting type Natural area
  4. Water type Surface water, Swimming water
  5. Project period 0-3 months