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Risks and high costs application geothermal heath

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Fossil fuel dependency

There is a strong dependency on fossil fuels.

The large scale application of geothermal heath as a renewable energy source is strongly being inhibited. This is caused by the required deep drilling, which causes large geological risks and high costs.


Low Temperature Geothermal Heat (LTG)

LTG is possible by applying long, shallow horizontal filters in combination with a heat pump technology. By using LTG, large, complex and expensive equipment is not needed and geological risks are limited. Because of this, LTG becomes available for a larger market.

Lage Temperatuur Aardwarmte


  • Can be used as an alternative for gas.
  • Reduces geological risks.
  • Limited maintenance required.


  1. Topic Water and energy
  2. Development state 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment.
  3. Setting type Rural area
  4. Water type Groundwater
  5. Project period 1-3 years