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Risk of sea floods

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Flood hazard

An increased flood hazard because the flood defence does not meet the requirements and/or due to extreme conditions.

Because of the rising sea level, heavy storms and hurricanes as a result of climate change, the risk of catastrophic floods increases. The Netherlands also has to deal with the lack of space, especially in the west.


Plan West-Holland

West-Holland is a plan to create a new province along the coast of the Netherlands. This new piece of land creates sustainable coastal protection for the provinces of North-Holland and South-Holland. Plan West-Holland creates new opportunities and possibilities for wealth and energy transition. It also solves the problem of the lack of space in the country.



  • Decreases traffic jams in the west
  • On North-West-Holland there are opportunities of fresh water storage, nature and solar energy
  • Sustainable coastal protection
  • Expansion of Schiphol airport is possible, which makes the expansion of Lelystad airport unnecessary
  • Space for 1 million inhabitants


  1. Topic Water safety
  2. Development state 2: Technology concept and/or application formulated
  3. Setting type Coastal area
  4. Water type Sea water
  5. Project period More than 7 years

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award