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Rainwater flooding

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Rainwater flooding

Flooding due to heavy rainfall or high surface water levels.

Large  amounts of rainwater in extreme weather situations cause drainage problems. Facilities to tackle this  require  a lot of space or a significant intervention in public space.


Double Dutch Tube

The Double Dutch Tube is a pavement with included infiltration. A  ditch is made, which also functions as a sidewalk. Rainwater can infiltrate directly and the Double Dutch Tube provides the possiblity to store and discharge water during peaks.


  • No extra space required
  • Discharge during high flow rates.
  • Road load: traffic class 30.
  • Fast and modular construction.
  • Reuseable.
  • Possibility of conducting cables and pipes.


  1. Topic Urban water
  2. Development state 4: Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment
  3. Setting type Urban area
  4. Water type Rainwater
  5. Project period 0-3 months