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Rainwater flooding

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Rainwater flooding

Flooding due to heavy rainfall or high surface water levels.

When the ground water is not regulated, the peat soil will settle in the city of Delft. Besides that, water storages are created under roads where, to avoid that the road loses its carrying capacity, the water cannot infiltrate. Unfortunately this causes settlement, especially in the summer.


Aquaflow with infiltration slots

The Aquaflow with infiltration slots is a water-storing road that prevents settlement and creates water storage at the same time. The sides of the Aquaflow system, where the traffic load is lower, will be provided with a deeper slot. Under the roadway, the body remains dry by waterproof foil, the slots can, however, infiltrate water and provide as drainage and transport of rainwater to an overflow with flow limitation.


  • The road can be maintained in the usual manner.
  • Better groundwater regulation.
  • 90% of the rainwater remains in the area.
  • Drain delay of several hours during extreme rainfall.


  1. Topic Urban water
  2. Development state 8: System completed en qualified
  3. Setting type Urban area
  4. Water type Rainwater
  5. Project period 0-3 months