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Plastic litter in surface water

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Water pollution

Damage to nature and environment caused by pollution of water.

The Rijnland waters are a transport route for a lot of plastic litter from the urban environment to the sea.


Circular pumping station Katwijk

At the circular pumping station in Katwijk plastic litter is collected and processed into new products. Awareness about litter is raised by making the process of collection, seperation and recycling more transparent.

Circulair gemaal Katwijk


  • Decrease in plastic litter entering the ocean.
  • Increases awareness about the problems with litter.
  • Recycling of raw materials.


  1. Topic Water quality
  2. Development state 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment.
  3. Setting type Coastal area
  4. Water type Surface water

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award