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Plastic drainage waste

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Water pollution

Damage to nature and environment caused by pollution of water.

System-oriented drainage is applied in Flevoland to prevent soil decline. When conventional drainage is applied, the PVC tubes that are being used often remain under the ground when the lifespan has ended. Because of this, plastic waste accumulates in the soil and micro plastics and nutrients end up in the surface water through the ground water.



The BioDrain is a drainage technique which uses completely biodegradable drainage tubes. The tubes also have the characteristic to capture nutrients. The use of BioDrain prevents micro plastics and nutrients to end up in the ground and surface water and plastics to remain in the soil. By doing this, the prevention of soil decline is executed in environmentally friendly way.


  • Less micro plastics in the ground and surface water.
  • BioDrain captures nutrients en reduces the outflow to the surface water.
  • BioDrain has the same functionality as conventional drainage.
  • BioDrain can be executed in the same way as conventional drainage.


  1. Topic Water quality
  2. Development state 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  3. Setting type Rural area, Agricultural area
  4. Water type Groundwater, Surface water

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Water Innovation Award