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De Knarr - Maaiboot

Negative influence of mowing on water quality

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Insufficient water quality

The quality of the water is insufficient.

Mowing in the cross sectional area of a body of water has a negative impact on the waterquality. The ecosystem may need up to 6 weeks to recover from a mowing session.


Mowing and collectionboat The Knarr

The Knarr is a mowing boat with a paddle wheel that can mow, collect and unload in 1 working session.

Combinatie afbeelding Maaiboot de Knarr & Schoepenrad aandrijving


  • The mowing boat has hardly any negative physico-chemical or ecological impact.
  • The mowing boat is suitable for removing both floating and rooted vegetation.
  • Due to a better collection system, the sinking of clippings is prevented


  1. Topic Water quality
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Setting type Natural area, Urban area
  4. Water type Surface water

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award