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Management foreshores for water safety norms

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Flood hazard

An increased flood hazard because the flood defence does not meet the requirements and/or due to extreme conditions.

There are coastal marshes in front of many dikes in the Dutch provinces Friesland and Groningen. These foreshores may have a positive effect on flood safety, however the exact effect is still unknown. In addition, agreements must be made with management parties if the marsh is included in safety assessments.


Dike with foreshore

A foreshore is an area in front of a dike with a height above the water level. In Friesland and Groningen these consist for large parts of salt marshes where the outer edge is NAP + 1.0m. These foreshores reduce, among other things, the wave height on the dike. It is being investigated to what extent this influences water safety, how this can be optimally managed and be included in the standardization.
Dijk met voorland


  • Reduces the wave height on the dike.
  • Dikes require less strengthening.
  • Combines nature and safety.


  1. Topic Water safety
  2. Development state 3: Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept
  3. Setting type Coastal area, Wadden area
  4. Water type Sea water
  5. Project period 1-3 years