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Building a sustainable distribution network is difficult due to the many factors that must be taken into account.


SIMDEUM (SIMulation of water Demand, and End-Use Model)

SIMDEUM is a model used to calculate several different aspects of a building's water usage.
It can be used for various applications, such as a) designing distribution networks to assess water quality and to provide users with sufficient water; b) designing indoor installations for buildings (sustainable designs); c) dimensioning efficient hot water processors; d) designing alternative sanitation for reusing grey water and rainwater; e) calculating wastewater properties for recovering energy and nutrients from wastewater; f) conducting scenario studies on the effects of demographic changes (aging, other populations/neighbourhoods) new devices like vacuum toilets, hot-fill washing machines, and the effects of legislation. SIMDEUM simulates water demand per day/second.

SIMDEUM; Guus Schoonewille


  • By predicting water use, the system can help to develop more sustainable water systems.


  1. Topic Water and IT
  2. Development state 9: Successfully used in operational situation
  3. Water type Waste water