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Little water storage during heavy rainfall

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Rainwater flooding

Flooding due to heavy rainfall or high surface water levels.

There is too little water storage, causing nausance during heavy rainfall.


Market Gardeners at the Wheel

Market Gardeners at the Wheel is a program where storage capacity is created in irrigation water basins prior to heavy rain. When extreme precipitation impends, market gardeners and horticulturists are warned and can voluntarily create water storage in their irrigation water basin. This reduces the change of overflow from the basins to the waterways, reducing rising of water levels.

Tuinders aan het stuur


  • Less water nuisance during heavy rainfall in horticultural areas.
  • The glasshouse horticulture sector itself contributes to the prevention of nuisance and to sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship.
  • No space required for measures in the surface water system.
  • Inexpencive in construction and maintenance.
  • The regional water authority gains knowledge to the effect of the basins.


  1. Topic Water quantity
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Setting type Agricultural area
  4. Water type Rainwater