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Limited variety of species in waterways

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The potential of the area is not fully utilized

The area is not optimally managed, used or spatially arranged.

By 2027, each Dutch Water Authority has to comply with agreed objectives concerning the European Water Framework Directive (EWFD). Waterways within Delfland have the potential to comply to the EWFD, however the do not yet meet the standard due to a limited variety of species. 


Adaptive mowing management of waterways

By adaptive mowing management of waterways the ecology is taken into account . Specific parts of the waterways will or will not be mowed which will result in the increase of the variety of species.



  • Mowing less or more precisely will decrese the costs.
  • An increase of the variety of species.


  1. Topic Water quantity
  2. Development state 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  3. Setting type Rural area, Agricultural area, Natural area
  4. Water type Surface water
  5. Project period 1-3 years