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Lack of water awareness among municipalities and inhabitants

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Water awareness

People are not sufficiently aware of the influence of water on their environment and how they can contribute to water management.

Besides that, most of the time water and climate awareness does not have a prominent spot in the agenda of municipalities. Improvement in establishing a living environment in a water and climate aware manner is possible.


The climate-proof shelter

The climate-proof shelter is a shelter for public transportation, which is adjusted to collect and drain rainwater. The shelter makes visible how rainwater flows along movable parts and how it infiltrates into a planter. The visual image ensures people become more aware of the possibilities of rainwater instead of just the nuisance it can cause. Besides that, the initiative ensures water and climate awareness gains a more prominent spot on the agenda of municipalities.


  • The climate-proof shelter provides awareness to people that water can be aesthetically appealing and fun.
  • The climate-proof shelter (symbolically) contributes to the reduction of rainwater nuisance.


  1. Topic Urban water
  2. Development state 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment.
  3. Setting type Urban area
  4. Water type Rainwater
  5. Project period 3-12 months