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Lack of oxygen in surface water

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Water pollution

Damage to nature and environment caused by pollution of water.

Due to heavy rainfall, sewage water is discharged in surface water causing a lot of waste to end up in the water. Algaes in the water process this waste thereby using a lot of oxygen, which causes the oxygen levels of the surface water to decrease.



The FlowMixer is an installation that increases the oxygen levels in water. At the bottom of the river, the FlowMixer creates a vacuum in Vortexchambers, where air from above the water level is brought in. The air is is automatic and frequency controlled mixed with the water, to ensure that the capacity meets the requirements. The installation has online position monitoring.


  • Low in maintenance.
  • Easy to place in flowing and shallow waters.
  • The instalaltion is very robust.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Does not effect the natural environment.
  • The FlowMixer does not effect Canoeists.


  1. Topic Water quality
  2. Development state 8: System completed en qualified
  3. Water type Surface water