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Inefficient useage of drinkwater

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Water shortage

There is a lack of adequate quantities of water of a sufficient quality.

The excess to qualitiatively good drinking water is a world wide growing challange. In addition to this problem comes also the fact that drinking water isnt used efficiently way which results in loss of valuable drinkingwater



The hydraloop is a residential grey water recycling system that purifies wastewater from the bath, shower and washingmachine and can reuse 85% of the drinkingwater. Warmth that is already in the wastewater can be preserved and be resused within the building. The purified water can be used for flushing toilets, irrigation of the garderden, replenish the pool or for the washingmachine.

de hydraloop


  • Reuses (gray) drinkingwater from the shower, bath and washingmachine.
  • Sustainable sollution because it makes it possible to use drinkingwater for a couple of times.
  • It is easy to use by an app that informs its users over their watersavings. This makes it possible to set priorities within a household and to take long absence into account/
  • Less energie is getting lost in the sewer because it is kept within the household.
  • The reuse of drinkingwater gives a 1/3 profit in the energy consumption.
  • Maintenance free through its self cleaning mechanisch and absence of water.


  1. Topic Water and food
  2. Development state 9: Successfully used in operational situation
  3. Setting type Urban area
  4. Water type Waste water
  5. Project period 0-3 months