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Inefficient sludge processing

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Inefficient operation waste water treatment plant

The operations of the WWTP can be more efficient.

The final processing of the sludge is not optimally utilized and done in a unsustainable way. The discharge of the remaining heat is also poorly executed wich makes the process expensive.


LTD with beltdryer

LTD with beltdryer ensures that sludge is dried with low temperatures within a machine. The beltdryer is a sealed machine that uses warm air derived from the plant. The solution can be applied in wastewater treatment plants and can be implemented under a canopy or in a building. The machine ensures that sludge is processed in an efficient and sustainable manner.



  • Dried sludge contains a dryness level of >90%.
  • After the processes the dry sludge becomes biological inactive.
  • The sludge can be reused as biofuel.


  1. Topic Water chain
  2. Development state 2: Technology concept and/or application formulated
  3. Water type Waste water