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Inefficient determination wastewater prognosis

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Inefficient data collection

The collection of data for monitoring or inspection is costly and/or time consuming.

The design values for sewage pump stations and sewage treatment plants are determined to be able to make well-founded investing choices in the wastewater chain. Making these wastewater prognosis is complex, time-consuming and often not based on the most recent data and plans. The use of measurements alone is not sufficient for this.



GeoDyn-pro is a Geographic Dynamic prognosis system which uses geodata from municipalities, drinking water companies, water authorities and provinces. By using this data, the sewage water quantities are determined accurately for the present and future situation. The result is a geographical 'map' of pumping areas with calculated sewage system characteristics.


  • Disinvestments due to over-dimension of plants and pumps is prevented.
  • Time saving with the determination of sewage water quantities in an unambiguously way.
  • The geographical 'map' is available online and usable in several (GIS) systems.
  • Better insights leads to a better balance in the sewage water chain and reduces unnecessary overflow of sewage water to surface water.
  • Free of charge for all water authorities.


  1. Topic Water and IT
  2. Development state 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment.
  3. Water type Drinking water, Waste water

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