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Inefficient data collection for object management

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Inefficient data collection

The collection of data for monitoring or inspection is costly and/or time consuming.

Water board company Limburg manages an increasing number of pumping stations and transport pipelines. It is difficult to monitor the state of health of these objects. In existing water waste systems, if a malfunction occurs, one manually searches for a cause in measuring data of thousands of objects.



FLOW is an intelligent monitoring system which converts raw data signals of the condition of pumps and pumping stations into relevant information for the manager. Predictions about the supply of sewage and about the future capacity of pumping stations can be made based on this information.


  • The performance of the transport system is monitored continuously.
  • By using the system, the manager can perform its job more efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Preventive maintenance to the pumping stations and pipelines can be executed based on the predictions.
  • FLOW is modularly built, this means pumping stations and pumps can easily be added to the system.


  1. Topic Water quality
  2. Development state 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  3. Water type Waste water, Effluent, Surface water

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Water Innovation Award