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High costs shoring and dredging

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Water system maintenance costs

High level water system expenditure.

Each year, in the Netherlands, thousands of kilometres of wooden shoring are replaced. The annual amount of hardwood required for this is equivalent to a forest with the size of a medium-sized city such as Delft.  In addition, wood prices are rising  and pressure on government budgets is increasing. With an increasing call for environmentally friendly products and a circulair economy. 
To maintain the capacity of the waterways they need dredging approximately once every 10-20 year.



The GEOWALL is a robust shoring made from compressed dredging sludge. Soil from the bank or sludge from the waterbed is excavated and mixed with a binding agent. A press then forms the wall element. This makes the GEOWALL both a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to current timbering.

Geowall block


  • 20-50% cheaper than wooden piling.
  • It is expected that the GEOWALL lasts at least 50 years, twice as long as the current timbering.
  • There is no supply of raw materials (hardwood) needed.
  • Less sludge needs to be transported because it functions as material for the GEOWALL.


  1. Topic Water quantity
  2. Development state 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  3. Setting type Rural area, Lake area
  4. Water type Surface water
  5. Project period 3-12 months

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award