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High costs of inspections

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Inefficient data collection

The collection of data for monitoring or inspection is costly and/or time consuming.

The reporting of the status of a flood defense system takes too long, because the reports have to be called in, and because there is no objective estimation for the statuses of flood defense systems.


Dike Watch App

Using the Dike Watch App, the patrol units of the water authority can use their smartphones or tablets to send in reports alongside the flood defense systems under their authority. 

Dijkwacht app; Bron: WaterWindow


  • The efficiency of the process of reporting when it comes to flood defence systems can be improved majorly
  • The report can be processed more quickly, and the overview of the total amount of reports is more comprehensive
  • The measure of urgency can be determined more quickly


  1. Topic Water and IT
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Water type Surface water, Sea water