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Inefficient operation waste water treatment plant

The operations of the WWTP can be more efficient.

Drinking water is used once. This results in a high cost and inefficient use of precious drinking water.


Living Machine

The Living Machine ensures that waste water is purified in a natural way. Waste water is purified through the realization of a complete ecosystem, made up of various compartments, by flora and fauna. In this way, a majority of drinking water, costs and energy can be saved sustainably in the long term.

 Examples of animal enclosures from which the water is purified


  • Possibility of more efficient (re) use of drinking water which ensures a lower drinking water consumption.
  • Possibility to reuse plastic for bio filter.
  • Due to the air-purifying properties of plants, odor emissions are reduced / minimalized.
  • Waste water is purified in a natural and sustainable way.
  • It is appealing to the eye due to the use of plants.
  • By using separately functioning purifications per water basin, the chance of cross-contamination is very low.
  • By using a combination of short rapid purification (turn-over) and far-reaching purification, costs are saved.


  1. Topic Water chain
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Setting type Urban area
  4. Water type Waste water