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Flood risk

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Flood hazard

An increased flood hazard because the flood defence does not meet the requirements and/or due to extreme conditions.

If, because of external factors, water safety cannot be guaranteed temporarily, or there is no temporary water storage available, one has to act quickly. In a short amount of time, a flood defense construction will have to be placed to keep the hinterland from flooding.


Mobile dikes

This temporary water barrier exists out of tubes made out of canvas that are kept together using a net. The tubes are filled with water on location with stortz couplings. A sealing canvas weighed down using chains covering the module is the last item sealing the dike, and counters the possibility of the dike flooding away. The modules are available in different heights, from 45 cm to 260 cm.

Mobiele Dijken ; WaterWindow


  • Modules can be linked (the net as well as the tubes), which creates one entity which can be filled at one point
  • 100% flood countering height
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Can be placed in flowing water


  1. Topic Water safety
  2. Development state 9: Successfully used in operational situation
  3. Setting type Urban area
  4. Water type Surface water