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Flood hazard

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Flood hazard

An increased flood hazard because the flood defence does not meet the requirements and/or due to extreme conditions.

Due to external factors the water safety cannot be guaranteed, therefore a quick response is required. To prevent flooding, a barrier has to be installed in a short amount of time.



The TubeBarrier is a tunnel made from flexible materials with a slab at the front. The slab can be anchored or weighted down to prevent water from flowing underneath the barrier. The TubeBarrier can prevent flooding from water levels up to 70cm. At this moment, bigger versions are tested.



  • Fast and easy installation; within one hour 4 people can place 100m.
  • The slab also prevents piping.
  • Because the tube is a modular system it can be made as long as required.
  • Usable on all kind of surfaces.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Overtopping resistant.


  1. Topic Water safety
  2. Development state 8: System completed en qualified
  3. Setting type Urban area
  4. Water type Surface water

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award