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Fish mortality

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Fossil fuel dependency

There is a strong dependency on fossil fuels.

With the help of turbines in the water, energy can be generated. In this process a lot of fish are killed. This results in a lot of damage for the ecosystem and decreasing water quality.


Free flow turbine

The Free flow turbine is a turbine that is capable of turning either right or left. This makes it possible to generate green energy from tidal flows. Due to the design of the turbine it is safe for fish.

Vrije stromingstrubine


  • The turbine can be deployed on open sea.
  • The impeller does not have to be turned when the flow direction is changes, this makes the turbine less susceptible to interference.
  • Because the impeller can turn in two directions, the turbine works at low and high tides and can therefore always generate energy.
  • The impeller can not damage fish at any speed and runs silently, keeping the marine biodiversity intact.


  1. Topic Water and energy
  2. Development state 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  3. Setting type Coastal area
  4. Water type Sea water