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Energy potential dredge not utilized

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Inefficient operation waste water treatment plant

The operations of the WWTP can be more efficient.

Biomass such as sludge from wastewater treatment and fertilizer contains large amounts of potential energy. Fermentation of biomass produces biogas, but because the current method of fermentation of wet flows is not optimalized, the energy potential of this biomass is not completely utilized. 



Themista is a pretreatment technique that causes a more complete degradation of sludge from the treatment of wastewater. It improves the organic degradation of sludge, which makes it possible to remove more sustainable energy (biogas) from wastewater, which causes less sludge to remain. Themista is a simple-to-install seperate module for existing fermentation plants.


  • More biogas produced
  • Improved viscosity
  • Capacity sludge processing larger, less sludge remaining
  • Improved dewatering
  • No steam or pressure building needed
  • No toxic substances released
  • Higher rate of degradation of sludge


  1. Topic Water chain
  2. Development state 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment.
  3. Water type Waste water

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