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Dyke rejected

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Flood hazard

An increased flood hazard because the flood defence does not meet the requirements and/or due to extreme conditions.

The Hondsbossche and Pettemer seawall did not meet the safety requirements and had to be reinforced.


Sandy dyke reinforcement

The seawall is reinforced by creating dunes and beach in front of the existing, stone-clad dyke, which takes over the water-retaining function of the dyke. The beach and dunes are approximately 250m wide and increase the safety and spatial quality of the area. The heads of the dyke are ment for recreation, the area in between is for nature development.



  • Flexible, safe solution with possibilities for spatial quality.
  • On the landside, the impact on the environment is the least possible.


  1. Topic Water safety
  2. Development state 10: Proven in operational situation
  3. Setting type Coastal area
  4. Water type Sea water
  5. Project period 1-3 years

Submitted innovation Award

Water Innovation Award