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Disrupted natural balance due to artificial dams

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Decline in spatial quality

Decline in spatial quality due to a high number of civil constructions.

Lake Marker is surrounded entirely by dikes and dams. Due to this, natural banks are no longer present and the natural balace is disrupted. The quality of nature and water in the area does not meet the European standards.


Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden are five artificial islands aimed at bringing back and restoring nature in Lake Marker. Sand, clay and sludge from Lake Marker form the basis for the islands, that will have natural banks and spawning grounds.


  • Improvement of the water quality.
  • Return of aquatic plants, fish and shellfish.


  1. Topic Water quality
  2. Development state 8: System completed en qualified
  3. Setting type Lake area
  4. Water type Surface water
  5. Project period 4-7 years